Thursday, March 13, 2008


One has to wonder why our dear Uncle Sam who used to watch out for us so well, has let down the middle class American worker so egregiously in the past decade or so. What is going to happen when the backbone of America, the working middle class, cannot any longer support the consumerism that made America prosperous? We already have seen in the past few months what happens to the economy when consumers become reticent to spend their money, due to the uncertainty of their next paycheck. Some of this recent fear of spending is due to the broken promises of the companies that Americans trusted in for decades. The explanation given to us then of our present and future pay (that was put in written yearly reports mailed to our homes) as our "Total Compensation Package", has been stripped down to the barely legal limits, and is not what we signed up for or planned our lives around in trust. Now we, the cheated workers with our useless breached company contracts, are in deep trouble and America's economy is feeling the crunch because of it.

The mistakes that those companies made by making bad choices such as continually protecting the fat-cat bad employees who drained company resources, and all the other greedy spineless management politics that knocked out the company's foundations, were not the fault of the average hard working employee at the bottom of the ladder. These lowly nose-to-the-grindstone employees who often got undeservedly demoralized and demeaned at evaluation time, only stayed on in their jobs because of the promises guaranteed to them as the eventual light at the end of a sometimes very dark vocational tunnel. But they are the only people now paying for these greedy management actions, while the prosperous Nero types at the top with their golden parachutes, fiddle away as Rome burns. It's almost enough to make you turn communist, if you didn't know any better.