Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The Fruits Of Oppression"

I was told some very sad news the other day. The lab coworker who I spoke of in a previous post, who recently got fired right before she reached her 25th anniversary, immediately became gravely ill since getting fired this year, with numerous dire maladies (I don't want to list them here, to keep her anonymity just in case). She became ill due to the emotional state that the bastards at XYZ Corp put her in, when they cheated her out of her deserved 25-year pension rights, without any warning whatsoever. She is a divorced single mom, taking care of an elderly close relative, and was living on one paycheck from one job. Unfortunately, she isn't really the kind of person emotionally who can start all over again from scratch in middle-age, so this is what happened to her -- and her future health doesn't look good, even more so because she has no health benefits now. But who would be able to start over just like that with no advanced notice?! Not all of us. I'm sorry for swearing but this really upset me when I found out the news.

Dear Ms. C., we are strenuously praying for you, and for your health and sanity to return, God bless you, and be strong. And you managers who fired her instead of the gold-brickers who lap at your ankles...I pray for you too, your comeuppances in life will not be pleasant.