Monday, February 22, 2010

"Ethics For XYZ Corp Dummies"

"When people are treated as machine-like-workers and not taken seriously as human beings, tremendous emotional suffering results. Resentment and self-loathing are sure to build in those who remain in these situations. If we are to be a humane society, we must recognize that this emotional suffering is every bit as real as physical suffering--and put an end to it. This pain spills over into virtually every aspect of life. Families, relationships, and communities are deeply affected by it." ~Laurence Bolt.

You people in management at XYZ know exactly how you affect your workers. You pretend to act dumb, as if the psychological games that you play with the people who are really trying to please you, don't have any affect on their lives, their families, and their health. You know what you are doing and how you are cheating them out of all the promises that were made to them since the company began, and that they built their lives and careers on. You fiddle away while Rome burns, safe in your self-made pantheon resting on a golden pedestal created by the profits that their decades of loyalty earned for you. It will not wear well on your souls in the long run.